Les Madeleines Vertes

or passionately PHOTO for a fashion and decor, chic and bucolic

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Cathy Bertrand studied photography at Louis Lumière school. When she left the school she got into ELLE (the women's magazine) photo studios and took part in portrait sessions and fashion photo reports as a lighting operator. during 6 years, she will she is going to sculpture the lumiere on actresses, fashionners and singers' faces.... She granted herself a break to have children, but after a certain amount of brownies, madeleines and banana cakes, she dreams of introducing photos into home decoration ! Indeed but as well as possible.
A computer-operated-advertising training and off she went, from then on she could cut, transform, enlarge, superimpose photos, how enjoyable !

There just remained to find an ideal support to print her pictures, an easy one to work on was textile - One that came directly from the Alsace and Rhône-Alpes regions - then to collaborate with nice specialised printers - to find a few talented friends to sew her products.

Her first prototypes were created in 2010. Hurrah ! With the utmost joy and pride, the birthday of "Madeleines Vertes" was celebrated !

Little by little, decoration objects, fashion accessories pot edited on a small scale.
As time went by, young cousins arived who had a family likeness.
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